Can the Ravens Beat the Patriots in the AFC Wild Card Game?

The NFL playoffs are here, and fans rejoice at the prospect of competitive football games on the gridiron like the ones we’re about to witness.One of the more exciting matchups during the first week of the playoffs will be the Ravens and Patriots, who meet in Boston on Sunday at 1pm ET.What do people like so much about this matchup? Well, the Ravens, who made last year’s AFC conference championship game, have a legitimate shot at upsetting the Patriots, seen by many as a favorite to make the Super Bowl given their past experience.The Ravens fell short of a win in New England when the two teams met in week 4 of the 2009 NFL season on October 4th. At the time, the Ravens were undefeated at 3-0 and marched into New England with all the confidence a team could have.Unfortunately for their sake, they lost a nail biter, going down by the score of 27-21 due to a dropped ball by Mark Clayton that would have given them a one point lead with 28 seconds to go. Baltimore was left wondering what could have been all season.Now, the team has a shot at revenge. Not only do they get another go at it, but this time around the Pats will be without Wes Welker, the team’s best and most consistent wide receiver.The Baltimore secondary will rejoice at the opportunity defend the ball without Welker in tow, and should take full advantage of New England’s vulnerability by attacking Brady early and often.If the team can play aggressive defense, they’ll take the Patriots out of their element, putting the pressure back on New England. This, combined with some solid contributions from standout running back Ray Rice and his backup in Willis McGahee, could easily result in an upset that would have the football world buzzing.