Looking For Fun Family Card Games

Our family loves playing cards! Whenever we get together, out come decks of cards. Some will be playing Black Jack, some will be playing rummy type games, some will be playing poker games and some will be playing sheep head.When we play cards, we play for real money but for low stakes. You might win $2.00 some nights or you might lose $2.00 some nights. But mostly we just have fun. We like learning new card games that we can share with each other. There are always some interesting poker games and different variations on rummy games. As we all play with different friends we meet through the years, someone will have a new game that one of us learns and brings to the next family get together.In the past, some of my uncle’s would even make up new rules to some of these games. For example, our family plays Gin 13, a rummy type game. There are wild cards in this game. The original rule is you could use as many wild cards per hand that you had. Then one uncle decided it was too easy to go out sometime. so he put in a new rule of only half of your cards could be wild. So in the first hand where 3’s are wild, you could only use one wild card. If you had two wild cards, that would be than 1/2 of your 3 cards so you couldn’t go out with that. It has made the game a little more interesting and we still play with those rules.If you play cards for fun, please share your variation with us. Check back on my web site and I’ll post all the different variations. Then the next time you get together with family or friends, you can be the one to show the new game!.